Another Asbury summer with Kenny ‘Stringbean’ Sorensen

It’s the fifth summer for the weekly Monday night boardwalk appearances of bluesman Kenny Sorensen and his Stringbean and the Stalkers.

From their perch outside of Marilyn Schlossbach’s Langosta Lounge and her new Libby’s Beach Shack, the band reels off the fast and the slow — all while looking out on the Atlantic Ocean.

Pictured above are [left to right] Kenny Sorensen, guitarist Joe Murphy, bassist Dan Mulvey and drummer Sim Cain.

Sorensen agrees that as venues goes, it just doesn’t get any better than this. The band’s tunes waft out over the sand, while you watch the waves rolling in — and dine on the Schlossbach cuisine.

Click here for an Asbury Overheard photo album of the band as it begins Summer V.

Last year, I actually made every Monday night gig — from a freezing start in mid-May to pushing it to the limit in late September. The weather cooperated perfectly.

Summer IV with Kenny and the boys last year in 2012 was an utter joy. Here’s to a great one in 2013.

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