Asbury Park and music go hand-in-hand. The city will forever be synonymous for its contribution to the American musical landscape. On Saturday though, Asbury’s comedy scene was making its mark at the Lakehouse Music Academy on Lake Ave.

Improv troupe Helicopter Dance Off took off with cheering from the crowd, a sure sign that this group of guys had been missed. Helicopter Dance Off (or HDO for short) was a main staple at-the-now defunct Aqua Bar in Convention Hall every summer weekend for the past two years. After Aqua Bar shut its doors it was tough to find a new home, but the newly opened art music performance school was the perfect fit.

improv-3-(1) improv-6

If you are familiar with improv, there is a set of different games each member in the troupe has to collectively perform. The first game of the night was “World’s Worst,” where someone in the crowd gave a suggestion and the troupe used that suggestion to act out the World’s Worst _____.

Their comedic style can be absurdist at times, but it works because they carry the balance of being smart and sometimes mildly offensive. Every joke was on point, followed by a barrage of laughter. They ended the night with a game called Party Quirks, where one troupe member is forced to guess who has come to his party. The other members play characters based off of suggestions from the audience. Characters for this party? A Crispy John Locke, a Viking Christopher Walkin and a Horny Godzilla.

Helicopter Dance Off will be performing monthly themed shows at the Lakehouse Music Academy starting September 14th.Also, they will be teaching workshops and classes.