Municipal product placement in Asbury Park

What’s the story with those recyclable containers dressed up as faux Pepsi bottles in Asbury Park?

A slew of them appeared in mid-June on the boardwalk and the downtown business district. They certainly make a statement. This is municipal product placement at its finest.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Overheard in Asbury is that the Pepsi bottle receptacles are linked in some way to a sizable Hurricane Sandy recovery grant the corporation gave the city. Not known is whether there’s a legal, or moral, requirement to be part of the Pepsi marketing machine.

Our sister website, the Asbury Park Sun, has formally requested any documents concerning the city’s responsibility to market Pepsi in connection with accepting the Sandy recovery grant. City officials did not get back to the Sun regarding this story. Officials initially asked by a Sun reporter did not know how the receptacles got here, or if there are any requirements to keep them.


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