No TV on Tuesday! Vote in AP Board of Ed race for Joe Grillo and his running mates

An election in April? With polls open from noon to 8 pm?

Yup, welcome to the Asbury Park Board of Education. It’s the last vestige of wackiness in Asbury Park, and hopefully we can end that distinction this Tuesday, April 25.

There’s an excellent ticket running for the Board — Joe Grillo (above), Eric Pinckney and Carol Jones. Vote for them on Tuesday.

Grillo is, of course, a liberal voice with his twice-a-month column in the triCityNews. He may also be the most open-minded person in Asbury Park, willing to talk and listen to anyone and everyone. The guy brings people together. He’s a civic leader and small business owner. Grillo is the Chairman of the Asbury Park Democratic Party, as well as a member of the city’s Zoning Board. He’s also the development director for the New Jersey Audubon Society, one of the leading environmental groups in the state.

grillo lawn sign SCALEDPut an alert on your phone. Put notes all over your refrigerator. Whatever it takes. Make sure you get out and vote for Grillo and his running mates Pinckney and Jones on Tuesday. (Did I say polls are open from noon to 8 pm?) These Board of Education elections can be decided by a handful of votes as usually no one turns out. Write down their names as everyone is in one column on the ballot, but all the candidates are mixed together, without a designation of who’s running together.

Grillo’s running mates are also of distinction. Eric Pinckney is a journalist, as well as a leader in the LGBT community. Carol Jones worked for decades in the Asbury school system as a nurse before retiring. She’s a knowledgable incumbent on the Board of Education.

The ticket is also reflective of the diversity of our city: African-American and white, gay and straight, male and female.

If everyone who knows and likes these three gets out to vote, they will win hands down. Don’t blow it and forget to vote because you got sucked into some daytime television. That’s no excuse.