Report: Stringbean’s vintage guitar and amp recovered

The Asbury Park Sun website, a sister site of Asbury Overheard, reported today that the vintage guitar and amplifier stolen in Asbury Park from area musician Kenny “Stringbean” Sorensen has been recovered in Ocean Township.

Still missing is Sorensen’s van which was also stolen and contained the equipment. Also not recovered are harmonicas and various cords.

But if was the recovered 1958 Gretsch hollowbody guitar and the Ampeg amplifier that were most important to Sorensen.

“That’s the only stuff I was really attached to,” he told the Sun. “Everything else can be replaced.”

The pleas on Facebook to keep an eye out for the stolen equipment, including a post on Asbury Overheard that’s been shared over 1,600 times, had musicians and others in the area on notice.

That led to an owner of a store in Ocean Township, Swap for Cash, to realize he had just bought the guitar and amplifier from someone he thought was a good-faither seller. George Scandalis, who once sold vintage guitars in Red Bank and has many friends in the local music community, notified Ocean Township police and the equipment was returned to Stringbean.

Scandalis and his musician friends had seen the shared Facebook posts about Sorensen’s stolen equipment, which included a detailed description of what was missing.

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