Thanks for visiting Asbury Overheard.

This site is published by the staff of the triCityNews newspaper. We also produce  the Asbury Park Sun and Asbury Anchor websites.

Asbury Overheard will cover news, information — and anything else overheard — that doesn’t quite fit in the triCityNews or our other websites. The ramblings will be from Asbury or beyond, which means our region of eastern Monmouth County. And maybe even a little outside of that.

Asbury Overheard is our staff blog. We’re going to just let it evolve as we all use it. For example, we may take an interesting photo that doesn’t quite fit for the Anchor or the triCityNews. We can put it here.

Or there may be a piece of political news somewhere outside of the triCities of Asbury, Long Branch or Red Bank that we may want to report or comment upon. We had no place to do that. Now we do.

There may be some news or information too mainstream to put in the triCityNews. Yet it may merit attention. We can do that here.

The triCityNews still remains the mothership. We’ve been publishing the paper since January 1999. Our websites — the Sun, the Anchor and now Asbury Overheard — are all designed to fill different needs for information outside of the newspaper. In fact, if we didn’t tell you the websites were ours, you’d never know. That’s how we like to keep it. They’re that distinct from the triCityNews.

Of course, the triCityNews newspaper will never be online. Never! Never! Never! It’s the best work we do — and we’re not going to make it that easy for you! So you still have to pick up a copy.

Hope you enjoy Asbury Overheard.

Dan Jacobson, Publisher, triCityNews newspaper




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