Sorensen guitar and gear stolen — along with van powered by cooking oil

Someone stole all of Stringbean’s gear.

Stringbean, of course, is Kenny Sorensen. He’s shown above with his band Stringbean and the Stalkers in front of Langosta Lounge on the Asbury boardwalk.

This is not a good story. We’re talking about the theft of a fabulous 1958 Gretsch hollowbody electric guitar [below], a vintage Ampeg amp and various harmonicas, mics and cables. Be on the lookout.

stringbean guitar vert SCALEDAlso stolen was his Ford 350 van — which had been converted to run on cooking oil. [You gotta love this guy.]

The news comes to us via a Facebook post by Stalkers drummer Simeon Cain:

“Well Stringbeans van has been stolen w/ all his gear. East coast musicians please be on the lookout for the following; a 1958 Gretsch hollowbody electric guitar, an Ampeg Reverberocket w/ a nylon rope jury-rigged handle and a Samson pa/mixer/head. Also various harmonicas, mics, cables & stands. I’m thinking they may try to unload this stuff in the N.J. area. The van is a grey/silver Ford E350 (stretch) that has been converted for cooking oil. The license plate is MXM64G (New Jersey). Please circulate. Thanks.”

A couple weeks ago, Asbury Overheard posted a story about another summer on the Asbury boardwalk with Kenny and the band. All was happy then.

Sorensen is a free spirit extraordinaire. A lovable trusting guy — whom the universe just made cross paths with a scum bag.


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